Mar 28 2012

NY Times Public Editor responds to me

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Thanks for your message. I would agree that the absence of comment supporting the boycott initiative was unfortunate. Clearly, that perspective should have been represented in the story. I queried the Metro desk and one of its editors offered a note of explanation and background, saying that the reporter emailed the boycott group asking for comment and that the group left a voicemail in response for him at about 10:30 p.m., acknowledging it was past his deadline. The Metro desk acknowledged the story should have said that the boycott supporters could not immediately be reached for comment. The desk also explained that the outreach to the boycott group was late because the story became “more expansive” late in day. The story was set in motion, the desk said, by the decision of candidate DeBlasio to speak out over the weekend, which prompted questions to Mayor Bloomberg at the Greek-American Parade and then (by The Times) at a Monday press event. After that, The Times decided to reach out to other politicians.

Again, thanks for your message.


Art Brisbane
public editor

I had earlier sent this letter to the NY Times Public editor

dear Sir

The report (link below) is totally biased with lots of quotes from officials and citizens who are opposed to the boycott vote and none in favor. Also most quoted have no standing and therefore are not relevant but are outsiders trying to influence a vote by members of the coop

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