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Jul 27 2006

Debunking Israeli myths about its war on Lebanon

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By: Daoud Kuttab *

It is an accepted theory that truth is the first casualty of war. In the present Israeli war on Lebanon spin is certainly the first victor.  The misinformation and the disinformation put out by the Israelis and often picked up by the western media have become to accepted realities.

One of the most extreme myths put out by Israelis is that the war Israel is now involved in is an existential defensive war. This has been stated by non other than Israeli noble peace winner and deputy Prime Minister Shimon Peres. Continue Reading »

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Jul 22 2006

The attack on Lebanon has produced strange Role Reversals

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By Daoud Kuttab

The irony to the present Israeli Lebanese war is in its role reversals. Hizbullah which is called by Israel and the US a terrorist organization acted more and more like a traditional army, and Israel which prides itself with its military is acting more like a terrorist state. Militarily Hizbullah has been more accurate, more credible while the Israeli’s credibility is quickly evaporating. Even traditional Arab governmental lip against Israel and in favor or any anti Israeli attacks has also been reversed to attacks against a group that is actually succeeding in making Israel pain for its aggression. Continue Reading »

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Jul 14 2006


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Daoud Kuttab

After 50 years of fighting, Palestinians and Israelis seem to have finally found the one thing that can really get the other side really angry. This became clear this week when the Israelis went berserk because of their inability to return their captured soldier and ordinary Palestinians felt completely helpless to stop the crimes of war in the form of collective punishments that Israel meted out in retaliation.

Palestinians and Israelis have become more polarized these past two weeks than at any time that I can recall.

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