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Jan 19 2003

How would a war on Iraq affect the Palestinian cause?

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The conflict between the United States and Iraq has left a dark cloud over the Middle East in general and on Palestine in particular. The fear among Palestinians regarding the war in Iraq stem from a number of issues: Continue Reading »

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Jan 12 2003

Mohammad Rashid: the Ugly rich man of Palestine

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The Korean based Magazine Asia Network has chosen Mohammad Rashid as one of the many businessmen from Asia that have been profiled for its special edition entitled “Ugly Businessmen of Asia”. Daoud Kuttab* was asked to write a profile on Mr. Rashid.

In the aftermath of the signing of the Oslo Peace Accords, Palestine witnessed a transition from Israeli occupation to the rule of the Palestinian National Authority.

Even before the Palestinian leadership returned to Palestine, international companies and major contractors made what seemed like a pilgrimage to the Tunis-based offices of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO). These visits were thought to be courtesy calls to the soon to be head of Palestine, Yasser Arafat. In most meetings the businesspersons visiting Arafat would request his blessing to their projects and plans. Invariably the president and his men turned any requests for research to Arafat’s economic advisor Khaled Salam. Continue Reading »

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