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May 19 2006

Who will pave the Qalandia road?

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Daoud Kuttab

Until a few days ago, the sign stood majestically on the broken up Ramallah-Jerusalem road near the Qalandia refugee camp. With the USAID logo and the motto “Gift from the American People”, the sign informed all travelling on this congested and totally broken up 19th century artery that will soon become a proper 21st century highway. Continue Reading »

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May 05 2006

Solution for Hamas- Focus on local issues

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by  Daoud Kuttab

For 39 years of the Israeli occupation of Palestinian lands, Palestinians have been able to survive through a variety of mechanisms. Being under occupation, Palestinians were able to discover ways to beat the system. Before the Palestinian Authority was established, non-governmental organisations created a state-like infrastructure that dealt with people’s needs.

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