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Daoud Kuttab is a former Ferris Professor of Journalism at Princeton University (’07-’08). While at Princeton he taught a seminar on new media in the Arab world. Kuttab is a Palestinian journalist and media activists. Born in Jerusalem in 1955, Kuttab studied in the United States and has been working in journalism ever since 1980. He has worked in the Arabic print press (Al Fajr, Al Quds and Assinara) before moving to the audio visual field. He established and presided over the Jerusalem Film Institute in the 90s. In 1995 he helped establish the Aabic Media Internet Network (AMIN) a censorship free Arab web site. www.amin.org .He established and has headed since 1996 the Institute of Modern Media at Al Quds University until January 2008 when he resigned to focus on Community Media Network an Arab Media NGO registered in Jordan and Palestine. In 1997 he partially moved to Amman (because of family tragedy and remarriage) and in 2000 established the Arab world’s first internet radio station AmmanNet (www.ammannet.net ). Mr. Kuttab is active in media freedom efforts in the Middle East. He is an award winning journalist and TV producer. Community Media Network includes Radio al Balad a community radio station broadcasting on 92.4 FM in Amman, Jordan, AmmanNet.net and PEN Media a media NGO that has been contracted to produce 52 new episodes of Shara’a Simsim, the Palestinian version of Sesame Street.


In Jordan

Telphone +962 6 4645486

Fax +962 6 4630238

email: info@daoudkuttab.com

Cell in Palestine +972 522409978

Cell in Jordan +962 79 5577646

Born In Jerusalem 1955

Male: Married with four children

Education: BA from Messiah College in Granthan PA, USA

* Founder and director of the Institute of Modern Media at Al Quds University in Ramallah, Palestine 1996- 2007
* Within the Institute’s work, he established Al Quds Educational Television Station- a leading media organ that combines public service broadcasting with community television.
* Founder and Director of the first Internet-radio station in the Arab World, AmmanNet. 1999- present. www.ammannet.net
* Established in 1995 the Arabic Media Internet Network (AMIN) www.amin.org . A pioneer internet site that attempts to provide alternative media content in Arabic.
* Co-Director of Internews Middle East Institute in Jerusalem in 1994.
* Founder and president of the Jerusalem Film Institute 1990-1995.
* Columnist with Al Quds Daily 1987-1993 Conducted exclusive interviews with Yaser Arafat, Yitshaq Rabin and other leaders.
* Managing Editor of Al Fajr Weekly in English 1982-1987
* Columnist with the following newspapers:

Jordan Times

-Gulf News

Jerusalem Post

Beirut Times

Published articles in:

The New York Times

Washington Post

Los Angles Times

Globe and Mail-Canada

The Age- Australia


Yomuri Daily

Journal of
Palestine Studies

Al Rai

Al Sabeel

Al Hadath

* Carried out training workshops in Iran as a UNESCO media expert. (2000 & 2002)

Executive Director in the following films

Palestinian Diaries, 1989 Channel 4, UK, Ikon TV,

We Are God’s People, 1990 Channel 4,
UK, Ikon TV.
Jerusalem Under Siege, 1991, Al Quds Television Productions.
Marda, a story of a land, 1992 National Association of Arab Americans, Washington DC.
On the Edge of Peace, 1994 Channel 4, UK, Israel TV Second channel.

Bethlehem, Thania Production, Jerusalem and MPI Chicago

Shara’a Simsim (Sesame Street) 1998 Children’s Television Workshop and Al Quds Educational Television Arab Diaries, series of five videos on the Arab world, with Tamouz Media, New York Face to Face, Dialogue between youth in Amman and
San Francisco with World LinkTV Chat the Plant series 5& Jordanian and American youth talking about family and war.Sesame Stories, 2003 Sesame Workshop and Al Quds educational Television AWARDS

* Press Freedom Award from the Committee to Protect Journalists in New York
* Freedom to Write Award from the PEN USA West
* Press Freedom Hero from the International Press Institute
* Courage and Future of the Media from the Leipzig Media Institute, Germany

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