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Jan 12 2006

An Open Letter to Ehud Olmert

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An open letter to Ehud Olmert


Daoud Kuttab, THE JERUSALEM POST Jan. 11, 2006


Dear Mr. Olmert – I am writing you in the hope that you will take time from your busy schedule as Israel’s acting prime minister to hear one Palestinian’s hopes.

Even though your ascension to the position of prime minister came in an awkward way because of Ariel Sharon’s stroke, I believe that you have an opportunity to be part of a historic reconciliation. While I am sure you will insist that you are going to follow in the political legacy of Sharon, you have some important advantages with Palestinians that Sharon did not have. Continue Reading »

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Jan 09 2006

2006-the year of hope

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RAMALLAH, West Bank, Jan. 8 (UPI) — Political changes in Palestine and Israel, as well as changes in attitudes in both societies and in the international community, provide a rare glimmer of hope that important changes on the ground are a serious possibility. Continue Reading »

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Jan 06 2006

Thanks to Hamas

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Daoud Kuttab

The Palestinian legislative elections will probably take place on Jan. 25, thanks in no small a degree to Hamas.

For some time it looked like Israeli hesitation regarding the participation of East Jerusalem residents in the elections would be the kind of excuse that many in the ruling Fateh movement were looking for in order to postpone the elections. Eight members of the central committee of Fateh even signed an appeal to President Mahmoud Abbas asking for a delay. Continue Reading »

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