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Apr 30 2006

AmmanNet wins Gold Medal from Pan Arab Media Awards

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AmmanNet, the Arab world’s first Internet radio station, won the gold medal at the 2006 Pan Arab Media Awards. The ceremony, in its second year was held at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Thursday April 28. The first award ceremony was held in .
The registered Awards is supported by the Arab League. The awards aims to “promote the innovative spirit of web designers to meet professional and international standards, to promote intellectual and production opportunities.”

Daoud Kuttab founder of AmmanNet hailed the prize as a recognition by the Arab world that the Net can be a strategic instrument to bypass traditional roadblocks to independent media in general and independent radio in particular.

The web designer of Ammannet, Raed Nesheiwat of the Jordanian IT company Tamamtech, says that he was thrilled that the award recognized open source software powering the site. “We have worked hard to customize the content management site using the open source Campsite software initially created by MDLF to be available license-free  for use by any interested Arab media entrepreneur.” was established in 2000 as an internet radio station. In June 2005 it began broadcasting terrestrially on 92.4 FM in the Amman metropolitan area.


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Apr 21 2006

Hamas’ predicament — partly political naiveté?

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By Daoud Kuttab

Two months before the Palestinian election, I met in Ramallah with Hassan Yousef, a senior West Bank leader of Hamas. Talking to him before he began an interview on our Ramallah TV station about the upcoming elections, Yousef told me that it would be wrong for Hamas to win more than 25 per cent of the Palestinian Legislative Council seats. Continue Reading »

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Apr 08 2006

Negotiation alternatives

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By Daoud Kuttab

Although it appears that the political stalemate continues on the Palestinian-Israeli front, a possible breakthrough seems closer than in the past. Various pieces of the puzzle appear to be falling into place following the Palestinian and Israeli elections. Continue Reading »

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