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Jun 28 2001

Quiet Beit Jala

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Twelve-year old Firas El Yateem is negotiating the string of his kite around an electric line. A few days ago Firas feeling that things have gotten quite yet unable to go places with his family because of the Israeli siege, decided to begin making and flying kites. Within days the skies of Beit Jala, where he lives with his extended family, has been filled with kites of all shapes and sizes. When I saw the scene during a visit to his family, who are relatives, I remembered how many Palestinians drew the Palestinian flag on kites as a sign of Palestinian nationalism. “There is no more need to do that.” Firas’ mother told me. The Palestinian flag is no longer illegal and therefore kids don’t feel the need to fly kites with the national flag. Continue Reading »

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Jun 13 2001

Don’t Favor Form over Content

The Bush administration is in the process of falling in the same Israeli trap as that of the former Clinton administration as far as the Middle East is concerned. Favoring form over content will not bring about lasting peace.

Favoring the Israeli direction, the latest US policy push has been to shore up a short term cease-fire at the expense of the long term political process. Continue Reading »

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