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Apr 28 2002

Foreign Observers would foster civility

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The reality on the ground in Palestine is hard to refute. The presence of any international civilian in the occupied areas is an instant guarantee of a considerably lower level of violence, brutality and death. Simply put, we Palestinians need to ensure that as many international civilians as possible are in our midst for our protection and for safeguarding the peace process. Add more outsiders, and the vicious cycle of violence could be broken or greatly reduced. Continue Reading »

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Apr 09 2002

Arafat has condemned terror in Arabic Bush must condemn Israeli actions

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The Palestinian president Yasser Arafat besieged by the Israelis in Ramallah since last December and imprisoned in his office since March 29 has repeatedly condemned suicide bombings that have killed innocent Israelis. It is time for the US president to condemn the latest Israeli indiscriminate violence against innocent Palestinians.

Violent attacks against innocent civilians are reprehensible. No one should be immune from criticism not even the United State’s strategic ally, Israel. Continue Reading »

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Apr 05 2002

A Palestinian refuses to accept Israeli attempt to destroy Hope

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I still remember the day early in March 1997 when I was handed a piece of paper issued by the Palestinian Authority allowing us at Al Quds University’s Institute of Modern Media to establish a local television station in Ramallah. With lots of energy and almost no resources we began the process of setting up Al Quds Educational Television. We wanted an independent TV station that was neither a governmental mouthpiece nor a commercial station that lives by game shows and shampoo. Continue Reading »

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