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Jan 25 2001

On the way to Jericho

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When I heard the newly sworn-in president of the United States mention Jericho in his inauguration speech, I wondered whether he had ever been to the real Jericho, a place I drive by each week.

President George W. Bush wanted to illustrate his new administration’s vision of compassion when he referred to the biblical story of the good Samaritan.  Continue Reading »

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Jan 18 2001

Executing scapegoats

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I found myself in a very difficult position this week. Without giving much thought to it, I had begun defending the decision of the Palestinian Authority to execute a number of Palestinians accused of facilitating sensitive information that led to the Israeli army’s assassination of intifada leaders.

My arguments were simple. The situation in the occupied territories is akin to war, with the “enemy” shelling our populated neighborhoods from tanks and helicopters and Israeli sharpshooters gunning down our people.  Continue Reading »

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Jan 11 2001

Clinton’s sanitized proposal

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‘You will go home again in safety and in freedom. When you have gone through something as awful as this, it is very easy to have your spirit broken, to spend the rest of your life obsessed with anger and resentment. But if you do that, you have already given those who have opposed you a victory.”

“We must have peace on terms that will allow the people to return to their homes and rebuild their communities. And we must have accounting for the wrongs that have been done.”

The above statements were not made by a PLO leader addressing Palestinian refugees in Lebanon or in Gaza. They were made by US President Bill Clinton and his Secretary of State Madeline Albright regarding the Kosovo refugees.  Continue Reading »

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Jan 04 2001

Playing God

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The latest round of peace talks in Washington has done little to dissuade the average Palestinian from continuing his anger and frustration towards the Israeli government and its army for their continued collective punishment.

This week the Israeli government went the farthest it has ever gone in tightening the noose around the Palestinian population.

Side and minor roads, which were being utilized with great difficulty, to transport people from one location to another, have joined the major roads already closed in previous months. Continue Reading »

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