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Aug 18 2001

Only way out of Mideast conflict is to recognize

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I still remember that afternoon in the fall of 1993 when Palestinian pacifist Mubarak Awad hurled a huge Palestinian flag from the office of the Palestinian center for the study of nonviolence, which lies, next to the Orient House. Israeli soldiers, who had in the past shot at anyone seen with what had been an illegal flag, stood by without interfering. That evening we were pleasantly surprised when we saw that the graphic designer of Israel TV had created a collage backdrop which included a Palestinian flag alongside the Israeli flag. Continue Reading »

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Aug 09 2001

US Position regarding Mideast is dangerous

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The Bush administration’s latest position regarding the Middle East is adding fuel to a raging fire. US vice president Dick Cheney told the Fox television network that the US understands Israel’s need to attack Palestinians which he called acts of self defense. Israel has been carrying out a declared policy of assassinations against Palestinian activists. In the latest attack Israeli missiles fired from a US made -apache helicopter killed eight Palestinians including two children. This extra-judicial killing is a violation of both US and international law. This US tacit support, (which was front page headlines in the Middle East) is contradictory to US values and hurts US interests in the Middle East. America should instead put its efforts in shoring up its own brokered cease fire agreement. Continue Reading »

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