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Mar 03 2016

Is France serious about its proposal?

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By Daoud Kuttab

A big question is looming regarding the Palestinian-Israeli conflict: How serious is the French initiative that aims at leading an international effort to help kick start negotiations on the two-state solution?

Equally important is to figure out where exactly Washington stands on this proposal.

When the Obama administration said publicly that it did not expect the two-state solution to happen under President Barack Obama’s watch, was that a hint and a wink to Europe to take a lead role?

While second term US presidents are usually free of pressure from pro-Israel lobbyists, some believe that Obama spent all his political capital on the Iran nuclear deal and is not interested in dealing with a case with questionable potential for success.

The French initiative of former prime minister Laurent Fabius appears to have gained (rather than lose) steam after his departure and replacement with Jean-Marc Ayrault. Continue Reading »

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